A Graduate Gorilla – Learn How To Appreciate What you have now.

This story will help you to appreciate what you have as you look for what you don’t

A graduate was finding difficulties in finding a job.

He saw an advert in one of the newspapers for a job at a zoo.

At the interview, the manager told him that their only Gorilla which has been a tourist attraction for many years has died so they needed someone to dress and disguise as a gorilla since they haven’t been able to find a new gorilla. 

The graduate was embarrassed but since the salary was good and attractive, he accepted the job.On the first day, he put on gorilla skin, entered the cage , started jumping and beating his chest while roaring like a gorilla.

The next day , he put on gorilla skin again , started moving around the zoo and mistakenly entered another cage until he found himself staring at a Lion. The lion roared and started moving towards him. 

The graduate forgot that he was a gorilla and started shouting like a human ” help please help me” 

The lion leaped onto him and knocked him to the ground and whispered into one of his ears.” Benjamin! Benja, its me George your College mate . No fear bro, there’s no job in this country . infact , you see that Crocodile by the water? That’s Michael our class prefect . Relax bro , hustle is hustle as long as we’re putting food on the table.

Moral Lesson;

Wearing a university graduation gown does not mean you have automatically made it in Life. Take any job until you find your dream job. Pride doesn’t put food on the table and what people say doesn’t matter.

Hopin you have learned something

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