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Sam Lukaaga Axhela Digital
Sam Lukaaga

Director - Film & Video

Sheila Kemigisha Axhela Digital
Sheila Kemigisha

Director - Photography & Designs

Abbey Bukenya - Axhela Digital
Abbey Bukenya

Executive Team Lead

Why the One Subscription Works Best!

Reach a Larger Audience

The content we create will reach even a bigger audience due to its Uniqueness to Expand your reach organically and authentically,

Build Consistency

Doing the same thing everyday is hard, we do it for you as we craft success through steady efforts,

Stronger Brand Voice

From colors to Fonts, we brand you a voice that echoes your essence, building connections that resonate with you.

FAQs - Axhela Digital


Dive into our Frequently Asked Questions  to uncover insights about our creative process, collaborations, and how we turn visions into impactful realities. Let’s create together.

You get unlimited Designs for a period of 30 days, it totally depends on your need, though we advise a minimum of 30 and Maximum of 50 for maximum Output.

Yes! You get 20% Discount on your Next Subscription plus a Free T-shirt and a Notebook, we are not done yet, we also Design for you a Company Profile Hand book to share with your Clients and Investors for smooth Business Operations.

We understand situations happen and due to circumstances, you get unable to continue with the Project, we give you a full Money back Guarantee as Long as the Project has not made 2 days in process.

Hola! You have unlimited reviews, you can ask to change anything as long as it does not affect the creativity of the Creatives, we prefer to specify everything at the start of the Project to avoid Delays and disruptions. 

Our Creative Process varies from Project to Project as each work needs tailored creativity and Idea Development, well we work around the clock to deliver the Project in less than a 7 working days, Otherwise, we make clear communication.

Yes! and we still give you a 20% Discount on all services, Trust us we can do it all for you. And in case you change your mind, we are humans we will Listen and understand

Core Values

Discover what makes Us Best for You!


We nurture innovation and ideas to inspire a dynamic, creative culture


Pursuing greatness in all we do, fostering excellence through maximum dedication


Collaborating seamlessly, we thrive together, embracing success through strong partnerships


Unified strengths, achieving together; teamwork propels our shared accomplishments forward


Upholding honesty and ethics, integrity guides every decision we make in every Poject

We deliver Exceptional results

Exceptional results - Axhela Digital

A professional Touch

We add a layer of expertise that sets you apart and meticulously refine every detail to deliver excellence that speaks volumes.

Social Day ad Axhela Digital

Collaborative Creativity

Our service lets you experience the blend of diverse ideas into a symphony of innovation, crafting solutions that inspire and captivate beyond imagination

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