5 Big Lessons From Ryan Roslansky(CEO LinkedIn)🍂

5 Big Lessons From Ryan Roslansk(CEO LinkedIn)

by Abbey Dawyne  CEO Axhela Digital

Ryan Roslansky is the CEO of LinkedIn, the world’s largest and most powerful network of professionals. 

Ryan joined the company in May 2009 and has since held leadership roles in every part of LinkedIn’s business.

He led the evolution of LinkedIn’s products into a single, holistic, global ecosystem of more than 875 million members, 58.4 million companies, 129 thousand schools and 39 thousand skills.

Under his leadership, LinkedIn has also seen record levels of engagement on the platform and accelerated growth across the company.

Prior to becoming CEO in June 2020, Ryan held the role of global head of product where he oversaw all teams responsible for building and creating the next generation of LinkedIn products and experiences. He set the company’s product strategy and oversaw product development, user experience, business development, and customer operations. 

Prior to his head of product role, Ryan held leadership positions across the R&D organization, helping to launch groundbreaking new experiences for consumers and customers, including the simplification of the new LinkedIn desktop design and flagship mobile app, the launch of LinkedIn Learning, as well as the debut of the company’s Influencer program and content platform.

He has also played pivotal roles across the company’s key acquisitions, including Lynda.com, SlideShare (acquired by Scribd in 2020), and Pulse. Ryan also serves on the board of directors for GoDaddy Inc. 

Before LinkedIn, Ryan was senior vice president of products and content at Glam Media, and held various product and general management positions at Yahoo!, including spearheading the acquisition of Overture in 2003.

In this Article, we uncover the marketer, productivity Guru, Great Leader and Entrepreneur behind the growth of LinkedIn in 5 phases and thus the 5 Great lessons from Ryan.

1. Leaving College📜

Ryan Rolansky - Dropping out of school
Ryan Rolansky – Dailyhustler

After discovering what he was studying didn’t matter so much as what we wanted and could  do, he dropped out of College. He wanted to do what he Loved

 Ryan left college  in his sophomore(2nd) year to focus full time on the company he and two roommates created. He became CEO of the company, Housing Media, and in 1999 it was acquired by USHousing.com.

He went to Yahoo!, where he met and worked under Jeff Weiner for five years. After a short stint at Glam Media.. 

2. Getting a Job at LinkedIn🤵

When he saw a great and revolutionary tool, he got interested in working with it, collaboration and Knowledge development  and so he applied and was accepted by Jeff Weiner.

Roslansky went to LinkedIn in 2009 as one of Weiner’s first hires. Being a great leader having been good at business management with the past success of Glam media, Jeff saw a great Talent in Ryan and recruited him to the team.

He led the evolution of LinkedIn’s products into a global ecosystem of more than 756 million members, 57 million companies, 120 thousand schools, and 38 thousand skills. He launched several new initiatives for the company including the Influencer program (which includes Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and Bill Gates, among others,) and founded the editorial team which today boasts 75+ writers and editors.

3. Acquiring Lynda.com🧠

LinkedIn Learning A planning for learning various skills - Upskilling
Upskilling with LinkedIn Learning – Dailyhustler

Ryan, using his always perfect foresight, he worked hard to the successful acquisition of Lynda.com , an online Learning platform. Knowing it will be a great catch ro LinkedIn Brand Authority as a Professional Network Platform.

In 2015, Roslansky was a key part of the $1.5 billion acquisition of Lynda.com, the largest acquisition in LinkedIn’s history at that time.

Lynda.com(now called LinkedIn learning) is an educational website that is owned by LinkedIn. It has lessons on applications, technologies, and skills to help you succeed in the workplace.One can follow along with video tutorials while taking notes and asking questions, and then practice what they’ve learned with downloadable exercises. 

With the help of LinkedIn Learning and  In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Microsoft and Linkedin pledged to upskill 25 million workers and in 2021, they have surpassed that number.Thanks to the good leadership of Ryan Rolansky.

4. In-a-bid To Control Climate Change Through Job Creation🌿

Ryan is an entrepreneur who not only looks at the Internal Business operations but also the world at large ensuring a contribution to making it  a better place for humanity.

In 2021, Roslansky partnered with John Kerry on an effort to address Climate Change through a focus on job creation. 

Critically, this can be achieved when the right skills will be needed at the right time to attract investment and stimulate development. 

Job create a better society, and knowledge shuttering environment and allow people to learn and work together to protect our environment

5. As CEO and Investor💰

Roslansky is an investor and advisor to companies including Wealthfront, a long term investment platform,  NerdWallet  a banking app which enables you to See all your savings, credit cards, and investments together in one place.

Other companies include UserTesting, Deal.com, Cricket Health, Darwin Homes, Fortella, ScoreBeyond, and more. He is also on the board of directors of GoDaddy

Ryan is known for supporting and collaborating with his team. Ryan Rolansky emphasizes “Skills over Degrees”

He  thinks that LinkedIn  should be a place where its members’ billions of years of collective work experience should be freed to upskill anyone, anywhere, any time.

Skills, more than degrees or pedigrees, are the true measure of what makes a great new hire, he argues, especially as the workforce evolves in fast and dramatic ways. 

Skills that will grow your career - Dailyhustler
Skills over Degrees-Dailyhustler

Ryan Rolansky is talked about as one who fully advocates for employees to have a good working condition, timely salaries, allowances and insurance. In fact  LinkedIn has been ranked as one of the companies that fully Invests in its workers. Thanks to the proper HR management strategies spearheaded by Ryan .

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